Serve our customers with the best products and value for their money in a timely manner.

The environment is at the center of our activities, we try to fix and refurbish all items when possible to preserve our eco system and the land fields.

Sharing the growth is one of our most important values to succeed with and beyond other company’s  as we believe that the human resource is our bridge  to have a positive environmental impact.

Visit us often as we are continuing to grow, while working on ways to expand and offering different ways for  you  to sell your item’s in a fast and efficient way.


“ZigZag we are” is founded around a dynamic management team that Manages, Supervises and Audits all aspects of our Main company (Victolab LLC) to improve our Quality of products and service.

Our technical team consists  of several skilled technicians   that work hard to ensure the testing and inspection of every item meets our defined standards.

We pride ourselves on working to  achieve our goals, holding the customer at the center of our mission to deliver the best products and services.

We define quality as being always available for our customers to offer fast, efficient support and service.

Our high standards include team members  with passion and the ability to give you a satisfactory personal experience.  They are ready to provide you with the best customer service, from answering your technical questions to communicating  information about your shipment, helping solve issues and processing your request.

Hafid Abderrahim - Marketing Director

Hafid Abderrahim

Marketing Director

Wafiq Zouhair - Victolab LLC

Zouhair Wafiq


User Male pro

El khoutiri Mohammed

Business Partner

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We can ship, deliver if in the perimeter of our delivery zone and land a hand for local pickup.

We use PayPal well known for being a leader on the matter of electronic payment processing. 

We deploy SSL to secure the communication between your terminal and our website.

We limit the capture of personal information to the minimum required to accomplish transactions, we ensure saved data is safe and available for you anytime.

Don’t Miss Your Chance To Save on your multiple items or Quantity purchase. we offer discount when applicable.

Check also your eligibility for free shipping when applicable.

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